Building the Team in a Climate of Change

If you keep doing what your are doing
you will keep getting what you are getting.

Change is inevitable however it can upset the dynamics of the team. Add to this gender and generational differences and the recipe can produce an adverse result.

By analysing the makeup of a Champion Team participants will realise that some significant changes in working and behavioural styles can bring about dramatic results.

The change often starts with oneself.

Topics included in this training:

  • components of a successful team
  • barriers to effective teams
  • processes in healthy teams
  • personality types
  • generation differences
  • clarity in communication
  • expectations of each other in the team
  • the nine (9) roles in a well balanced team
  • dealing with issues not personalities
  • team roles – strengths / weaknesses
  • preventing conflict within and outside the team

Beneficial to:

team leaders forming teams for projects or day to day activities, newly appointed managers, team leaders, Hod’s and principals responsible for one or several teams, understanding the team of two as well as the team of many.

Recommended Duration:

Two (2) half-day modules
This topic can be held as a one-(1) day seminar/workshop.