Change Challenges from a Personal Perspective

It is all very well having a past; just do not live in it.

It appears that no sooner have we adjusted to a change in one aspect of our lives that another change challenge zooms in upon us.

  • What can we influence?
  • What can we not control?

Focus will be made upon personal observations in the way we can take control of those aspects of our lives which can then affect the way in which we deal with those changes we cannot control.

Topics included in this training:

  • become a 21st century employee
  • living by design not by default
  • learning to say no (negotiate)
  • negotiating the change challenges
  • increasing your asset value
  • networking to prevent not working
  • nurturing your best asset
  • stress busters
  • develop goal orientated habits
  • balancing the business with the private life

Beneficial to:

established teams needing direction, encouragement and motivation whilst undergoing change, staff in evolving roles, long term employees finding change fearful and newly appointed managers with staff responsibilities.

Recommended Duration:

Half (½) day (four hours)