Conducting Challenging Conversations

It’s not that we do not perceive reality.
We do.
We just don’t always want to deal with it.

Situations occur which need to be addressed but procrastination occurs due to fear of offending the persons involved or one has the feeling of apprehension that the situation will escalate into a major event with possible fallout affecting others. The skill is dealing with the situation at the earliest stage by initiating a constructive conversation which reduces the risk of the situation worsening. The techniques outlined in this seminar will enhance one’s business and private life skills.

Topics included in this training:

  • why conversations can be challenging
  • does your personality contribute to difficult situations?
  • identifying your common communication style
  • ownership of past behaviours and communication styles contributing to situations
  • principal causes of conflict in the workplace
  • conflict handling positions which affect the outcome of a challenging conversation
  • techniques on conducting challenging conversations
  • changing communication patterns; ‘I’ language
  • models for challenging conversations

Beneficial to: those who

  • have inherited a team with outstanding issues
  • are working with colleagues causing concern or affecting one’s productivity
  • understand and own one’s contributing behaviours to ongoing issues
  • need to initiate conversations around performance improvement

Recommended Duration: One (1) whole day This topic can be held in two (2) half day modules.