Conducting Effective and Productive Meetings

Those who communicate effectively are those who lead.

Meetings are essential in any organisation however often they are regarded as a waste of time as the actions which should result from meetings often do not eventuate. Good meetings generate strategies that can make the difference between achieving outcomes. Good meetings can build group spirit and make people feel involved and valued .Following recommended meeting techniques assist greatly in productive use of time spent in meetings and result in worthwhile outcomes.

Topics included in this training:

  • reasons to hold a meeting.
  • types of meetings.
  • planning the meeting.
  • the agenda.
  • the role of the chair.
  • minute taking.
  • after the meeting.
  • evaluating the meeting.
  • establishing terms of reference for meetings e.g. behaviour etc.
  • establishing action plans .

Beneficial to those who

  • are required to hold meetings to communicate news, future plans, daily targets etc.
  • team leaders.
  • health & safety representatives.

Recommended Duration: One half (1/2) day