Confidence: The Essential Qualification

The one problem that keeps people from winning is lack of
belief in themselves.

Confidence is knowing your skills, strengths and attributes, the value you provide to your life and acting in a way that conveys that value to those with whom you come in contact.

Topics included in this training:

  • why is confidence so important in today’s world?
  • identifying your strengths.
  • recognise your insecurities.
  • manage your mind.
  • believe in yourself.
  • staying positive and projecting positive feelings.
  • avoiding perfectionism.
  • strategies for developing self confidence/self esteem.
  • assertive communication and behaviour.

Beneficial to those who

wish to become more assertive.
has contact with intimidating people.
is lacking in confidence because of past situations.
has a desire to try different techniques to build confidence in dealing with people and/or situations.

Recommended Duration:

One half (1/2) day