Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

Human beings are never more frightening than 

when convinced beyond doubt that they are right.

It appears that many difficult people have an agenda of their own which then causes tension for themselves and their colleagues.

We do not always agree with people, their beliefs, their working styles or their behaviour but often we have to work with them. The secret is knowing how to respond and react to their behaviours etc. and how to deal with their behaviour.

Topics included in this training:

  • understanding yourself and others
  • your reaction to difficult people
  • your self speak when dealing with difficult people
  • know your personality type: Personality “A” or Personality “B”
  • recognising and working with Personality Dragons
  • teaching others how to treat you
  • team-role specifications
  • types of difficult people
  • courageous conversation techniques
  • the formula for resolving anger
  • keeping difficult people from antagonising you

Beneficial to:

anyone working with a diverse group of people with many differences or those who have to work with people who appear to be the source of conflict in life.

Recommended Duration:

Half (½) day (four hours)