Executive & Employee Coaching

Wisdom is combining Hindsight
with Insight to create Foresight.

Coaching employees is beneficial for many reasons and situations:

  • assisting in planning for a future beyond work: retire or continue working in the same or a new role
  • personal development for newly appointed managers, supervisors and / or team leaders
  • business skills of strategic planning, setting goals, managing time, increasing productivity, achieving targets
  • upgrading the management of people skills of existing managers/team leaders
  • preparing employees with potential for new roles of which people management will form an integral part
  • assisting employees to make the changes in behaviour and attitude which are required in today’s world thus affecting work performance
  • addressing unresolved issues which prevent people from moving forward in their lives both personally and businesswise
  • coaching for confidence, for change and for success

Executive & Employee Coaching as provided by Rosita Guy Associates, fosters exemplary practice, ethical practices and social responsibility in the employer / employee relationship.

Executive & Employee Coaching is favoured by many as an opportunity to focus on the individual in an environment conducive to exploring methods which build upon his / her established strengths and lifting those needed to achieve an holistic approach to performance, productivity and personal improvement. Extended DISC profiling is used as an integral tool in the coaching process.