Rosita Guy Associates

Rosita Guy has been delivering effective, entertaining and content-rich business and individual training since she founded Rosita Guy Associates in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1993.

Rosita Guy Associates works with organisations and personnel in varying capacities however as a change agent primarily.

Employee Development and Executive Coaching:

Individual Coaching is a method of employee/employer development where, by working with the individual in areas of behaviour and performance, changes result allowing all parties to work smarter to produce more effective results.

Self Improvement:

Self Improvement is risk management at its best searching for the sources of the difficulties many employees/employers and business owners experience today and their reactions to deadlines, upskilling, personal development and work, social and family pressures.

Staff Training:

Rosita Guy Associates presents knowledgeable yet practical seminars/workshops in skills associated with productivity and performance: time management, stress management, effective communication, conflict prevention as well as leadership, building teams, dealing with difficult people and change, including retirement from traditional work.

Guy Associates works with a variety of organisations both large and small, with all levels of employees, in a cross section of sectors:

  • health
  • education
  • SME’s
  • retailing
  • government departments
  • entertainment industry
  • architectural
  • security Industry
  • manufacturing
  • not for profit
  • distribution
  • training organisations
  • health related organisations
  • airline industry
  • legal
  • mechanical / engineering industry