Retirement or Rewirement? Planning for Retirement or Continued Employment

Retirement as understood by previous generations has changed. It was an ending to the traditional role work had in our lives. Now there is a pause – a time to rest, reflect and rewire.

We all need to plan for the time when we do not want or need to be involved in a traditional employment plan. Retirement is a transition stage which should be planned with anticipation not dread.

This seminar will illustrate the practical considerations necessary for Retirement Planning well in advance of its occurrence. It will also give you the opportunity to consider the many options available in continuing employment beyond the traditional retirement age and the challenges and rewards this stage in life brings to the individual.

Topics included in this seminar:

  • the significance of the Baby Boomers Generation
  • what does retirement mean to a Baby Boomer?
  • what is the significance of retirement to present employees/employers?
  • working with employers in an Exit Plan; types of continued employment; a succession plan for employees with roles critical to the organisation
  • ageing and retirement
  • the many forms retirement can take
  • building a Third Age Portfolio: aspects to consider:
    • maintaining & extending relationships
    • legal matters
    • preventing illness & staying healthy
    • use of free time
    • the residential question
    • income and continuing employment(an Encore Career)

Beneficial to:

those people thinking about life beyond the traditional paid work scenario or rebalancing the place of paid work in their lives with other activities. Bringing spouses/partners to this practical seminar would be an added benefit to those attending.

A comprehensive workbook will be provided for participants to take away and work through the recommended planning. It contains budget plans, goal setting, health & wellness questionnaires etc.

Recommended Duration:

half (½) day (four hours)

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