Stress Management Skills in Today’s Environment

I shall do today what others will not,
so that tomorrow I can do what others cannot.

Stress is often the symptom of other issues in our lives. We tend to accept that stress is a necessary part of our lives. It is how we react to the pressures of life, which affects the levels of stress in our lives.

Stress management should be about putting things into perspective and letting go of those factors in life which cause emotional reactions to pressure.

Topics included in this training:

  • stressful conditions in one’s work life and private life
  • stress promoters versus stress reducers
  • external pressure versus personal pressure
  • solutions
  • know your personality type: “A” or “B”
  • stress inducing lifestyles
  • the effect of communication upon levels of stress
  • circles of concern versus circles of influence in our lives
  • top ten stress busters
  • focus on progress not on perfection; a lesson for the high achievers
  • legal requirements under health and safety legislation

Beneficial to:

anyone working or living with high levels of pressure, people knowing that they need to make some changes in their life and need a catalyst to change their habits, Managers, Team Leaders, Hod’s, Principals, responsible for the health and safety of their staff.

Recommended Duration:

Half (½) day (four hours)