Comments from the participants of a seminar: Bullying & Harassment Awareness held in Christchurch for the staff of Radford Yarns Ltd. January 2016.

  • the presenter was very strong and said what needed to be said; straight to the point & relevant
  • very knowledgeable; had a good understanding & workable examples
  • direct and to the point; not long winded
  • easy going style; good clear speaker
  • training was well presented & to a good standard; tutor explained in detail and answered questions well in a good but firm manner; gave good advice & had a very good knowledge of the company policy
  • concise; presented facts based on past & present experiences; insightful; no pussyfooting around subject
  • very well explained and interesting; good sense of humour and very informative
  • very clear and easy to understand
  • good volume as I have a hearing difficult; articulate at all levels; not a witch hunt; everyone was involved
  • bright and bubbly; good fun; informative & knowledgeable
  • Rosita knew what she was talking about & she made sure we all understood; she kept my attention; not boring at all
  • content was relevant to the working environment of the factory; presenter was easy to understand & very good at explaining situations
  • very engaging & informative trainer & used workplace scenarios as examples of content; her experience in the field countered for a lot
  • presentation was interactive; for a dry subject the time flew by; good humoured with real life examples used to demonstrate teaching

I have had the pleasure of working with Rosita on the Transformational Leadership Programme (for senior managers and leaders in the health sector) since 2012. I find her consistently professional, practical and engaging. The feedback from participants is always positive and they are enthused and able to apply what they learn in the programme immediately in their workplace.
Yvonne Stillwell:
Nurse Director Clinical Practice Development
Mid Central District Health Board

Comments from the participants of a seminar: Building a Cohesive Team in a Time of Change held in Christchurch for the General (Support) Staff of Shirley Boys High School in March 2015.

  • seminar lead and directed well- encouraged to think about situations from other perspectives
  • enjoyable – enlightening about how others think/deal with issues
  • put across well and easy to follow
  • excellent workshops – Rosita a good presenter
  • workshop made me think about the different teams in which I work
  • worthwhile workshops and much appreciated
  • very thorough coverage – enjoyed the ‘real life’ situations and roles plays
  • well presented and easy to understand- has helped in the team building by introducing new ideas to consider
  • Rosita was very good at giving examples of ‘situations’ that arise in the workplace
  • I now appreciate the age differences in the workplace
  • Learned useful ways to have conversations for dealing with awkward situations

Comments from participants of the seminar: “Communication for Harmony & Productivity” held in Christchurch for Southern Cross Hospital, 18 & 26 November 2014 organised by the Organisation Development Institute.

  • Brilliant seminar
  • Fantastic presenter (relevant to my role) great knowledge base
  • Rosita dealt with the disruptive opinions of one participant extremely well
  • I loved the learning of great skills to use both in and outside of work
  • I would highly recommend this workshop and the tools provided
  • This workshop was very informative and it really helped us look at ourselves and our personalities and the ability to deal with situations that could and will arise

Comments from participants of the seminar: “Retirement or Rewirement? Planning a Future Beyond Traditional Work” held in Blenheim for Port Marlborough in November 2014.

  • Much food for thought in future planning
  • Lots of opportunities for group discussions; great to just get focussed on a subject which can have a huge impact on one’s retirement
  • Encouraged me to seriously re evaluate my retirement objectives and how to get there
  • Great presentation, a real passion, clear, inspiring
  • Thank you; all of it was most beneficial
  • A very good overview of the practical considerations for retirement
  • Presenter gave good answers to the many questions
  • Seminar very structured & there were a lot of unexpected things discussed
  • Clear and precise presentation of information good information and interaction with participants
  • Life stories were very interesting and worth thinking about
  • I liked the detail in the workbooks which was additional to that spoken of
  • Dealing with relationships was very informative
  • Clear, realistic, humorous, informative and timely
  • Made me think about ‘The Third Age’ more positively

Comments made by participants of the Transformational Leadership Programme; “Communication for Transformation” held in Palmerston North for Mid Central District Health Board in October 2014.

  • I found this day enormously helpful as well as informative; the reflective time to look at the narrative story, being clear about the objective and the vision
  • Brilliant day, lots of learning to assimilate and put into practice
  • Presenter engaging and made the learning enjoyable
  • Rosita’s interactions with the participants were very good
  • Excellent information shared
  • Enjoyed Rosita’s delivery style – very engaging and relevant content
  • Rosita was very stimulating and easy to follow, would love to have further session with her
  • Very informative and relevant to my role
  • Enhanced my knowledge skills in conflict resolution and having critical conversations
  • Very empowering information
  • Good pace, great stories, opportunity for small group work & applying concepts
  • Excellent presenter. Clearly an expert in her field
  • Good made sense, good sense of humour
  • Book well instructed, very clear, well laid out

Comments from participants of the seminar: “Communication for Harmony & Productivity” held in Christchurch for the Organisation Development Institute, August & November 2013

  • It was an enjoyable course and taught me a lot about myself and how to deal with my behaviours.
  • Many tools were provided – I will use and practise in day to day challenges.
  • Thorough and stimulating workshop presented by a trainer with wide and varied experience who was willing to share all her experience and expertise.
  • This course has increased my confidence and communication skills.
  • It was fun and enjoyable and very informative.
  • I found this seminar very useful with many skills I can take away and utilise as a new manager – thank you. Good sized group. Rosita was excellent to listen to, very interactive.
  • Thank you; well managed, understandable material
  • Rosita brought the wealth of her experience and willingly shared this with the group
  • Fantastic seminar, very relevant with great content; the presenter was fantastic. Really enjoyed this seminar; would liked to have done something similar 10 years ago
  • A valuable insight into effective communication and conflict resolution which I shall use at work and at home; thank you for this Rosita

Comments from participants of the seminar: ‘Conducting Productive Meetings’ held in Hokitika for Westland Milk Products Ltd., 17 June 2014 organised by the Organisation Development Institute.

Rosita Guy delivered a one-day workshop to assist staff to conduct productive workplace meetings that result in agreed subsequent workplace actions being taken in a timely manner.

  • Rosita’s knowledge and presentation style kept the workshop relevant and interesting
  • Well researched, credible presenter
  • Very informative and practical workshop

Rosita has delivered a number of seminars at our South Island Regional Training Days. She is always well prepared; the topics are relevant to today’s workplace challenges and our staff members thoroughly enjoy her personable and clear presentation style. Rosita is my “go to” person when developing a training programme.


Donna Neill
South Island Regional Manager
Victim Support
December 2011

Comments from the participants of a Seminar held in Wellington for Compass Health in October 2012

The subject: Communication for Transformation

  • Great, good content
  • Good pace, great stories, opportunity for small group work & applying concepts
  • Excellent presenter. Clearly an expert in her field
  • Good; made sense, with a good sense of humour
  • Book well constructed
  • Very clear, well laid out
  • Excellent day
  • Great workshop thank you; I really enjoyed the group work
  • Great session
  • It was great to have the workbook in advance

Comments from the participants of a Seminar held in Palmerston North for Mid Central District Health Board in June 2012

The subject: Communication for Transformation

  • A lot of information to take in today
  • Excellent facilitator and great learning
  • A very engaging facilitator
  • Great delivery style and sense of humour from Rosita
  • Well organised and well run
  • Very good
  • Absolutely great
  • Rosita a fantastic source of information

Comments from the participants of a Seminar held in Dunedin for Victim Support Southern February 2012

The subject: Communication to Build a Cohesive team

  • Very clear, well laid out, workbooks easy to follow
  • A good wakeup call (self analysis is refreshing)
  • Good teaching style and easy to follow; as a visual learner I absorbed a lot
  • Helped me focus on the tools to fulfil my role of supporting people with compassion and respect
  • Very good, informative and fun; awesome
  • Personally I learned so much
  • Good, informative, professional and a nice amount of humour
  • Good balance of facts and personal stories
  • Relaxed knowledgeable style

Comments from participants of a seminar held on 23 June 2011  the subject Self Organisation /Time Management :

Good seminar punctuated with humour. Information on health & wellness was a pleasant part of the presentation- quite unexpected but a good holistic approach.”

“Very well presented; Rosita has a very large understanding base on the subject.”

“Great presenter; covered many bases and offered new opportunities for the organisation.”

“I could have listened for hours; I wish I had attended this seminar years ago.”

“The four hours went quickly but each section was covered adequately; instructions very clear and easy to follow and understand; so interesting.”

“Rosita is a very knowledgeable lady easy to listen to; great practical ideas; well prepared.”

“Professional; clear; great sense of humour; involved participants; incorporated personal anecdotes; well formatted workbook.”

Comments from the participants of a Seminar held in February 2011 – The subject: Contemporary Workplace Communication:

Valuable experience in learning about your own skills and how to deal with others with workplace situations. Helpful techniques and strategies. Informative.”

“Good content, very practical advice as we worked through the topics with examples! Very nice teacher. Good background of experiences. Related well to our team.”

“Overall a very well organised course”

“Some great tools offered and plenty of further reading/authors/researchers referred to presenter was very knowledgeable”

Comments from the participants of a Seminar held in September/October 2010 – The subject: Contemporary Workplace Communication:

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and the interaction with each member of the group. My learning: it is the responsibility of the person sending the message and the 4 elements of Communication”

“A valuable insight into effective communication and conflict resolution. Will uses at work and at home. Thank you Rosita

Testimonial relating to the Keynote Speech at the Secondary Principals’ Association of New Zealand Inc.’s August 2010 Conference:

Thank you for providing the 2010 SPANZ PA’s Conference with a positive platform to work from to ensure that the Conference was a success.

The feedback from delegates included:
“Valuable information that will help me”
“We could all take something away from this session”
“Rosita Guy again”

Your contribution and participation was an integral part for the success of this event.

Ros Robson
Executive Manager
Secondary Principals’ Association of New Zealand Inc. (SPANZ)

Testimonial relating to the Presentation of Workshops at the School Executive Officers’ Association Inc.’s July 2010 Conference:

The feedback that we received from delegates of the 2010 SEO Conference is heavily weighted towards the very good/excellent end of the rating. The conference committee realised at a very early stage that to achieve a good conference the focus needed to be on quality, relevant professional development.

I would like to thank you personally for your part in this. As a member of our panel and a workshop presenter your participation was of crucial importance and I know that our delegates learnt a lot, both for personal development and to take back to their schools.

I hope you enjoyed the experience and I hope you would be open to the possibility of presenting at a future conference of ours should the conference committee approach you.

Chris Johnston
School Executive Officer’s Association Inc.

I have had the pleasure of reading the recently completed feedback from class evaluations for Entrepreneurship Managing for Growth, for which you have been course assessor and lecturer during Semester 1, 2008. The results of these evaluations are outstanding!

Rosita, you have clearly brought to the classroom a depth of context in Business Management which has stimulated student interest. The students have been generous in their appreciation of your professional knowledge and your ability to incorporate this into your teaching.

On behalf of CPIT may I pass on our thanks and gratitude for the effort and contribution you have made during this semester. The students in this course have certainly benefitted from you expertise.

John West
Head of School
School of Business Faculty of Commerce
Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
June 2008

Comments from the participants of a Seminar held for Staff of Victim Support Canterbury District on 30 April June 2008.
The subject: Managing Organisational Change

“Informative, direct, concise and I enjoyed the opportunity for interactions.”
“Great and interesting Seminar.”
“Presentation superb.”
“Professionally developed.”
“All of it was valuable.”
“Great information to put into action.”
“Straight to the point and professionally delivered.”
“Wonderful presentation again many thanks.”
“Your personality brings added bonus.”
“Very clear, concise and to the point.”
“All of it Rosita, you provided what I asked for. I have had great feedback from all involved – this was a diverse group in terms of experience/skills etc. You were able to give everybody something. I find myself thinking and saying ….. ‘Now what would Rosita say’…”
Endorsed by Donna Neill
District Manager Canterbury & Tasman
Victim Support Canterbury District


Comments from the participants of a Seminar held for staff of Barnardos Early Learning Centres, South Island on 12 March 2008.
The subject: Managing One’s Time, Work and Life

“Very Relaxed, great presenter.”
“Well presented, flowing seminar.”
“Good visual, oral and take home material.”
“All good.”
“Awesome workbook to take away/read.”
“Fun, friendly manner, professional.”
“Great to see that Rosita values healthy living, this makes such a difference to people’s lives.”
“Fantastic Presenter- clear and precise & easy to listen to.”
“Fantastic-will go back and reflect and will use new forms and make positive changes.”
“Wonderful presentation, quick and decisive.”
“Reaffirms my self belief.”
“Very charismatic and interesting.”

Endorsed by Nikki Parsons
Operations Manager
Barnardos Early Learning Centres, South Island

Comments from the participants of a one day Seminar held for the staff of The Christchurch Press. Organised by Professional and Executive Development, UC Opportunity, University of Canterbury; 16 July 2008.
The subject: Performance Management

“Excellent Course.”
“A professional presentation. Varied.
“Thank you Rosita – very comprehensive and worthwhile.”
“Well presented and applicable.”
“Will take away a number of useful ideas to use with my team. Excellent course.”
“The participants expressed a high level of satisfaction with both the content of the course and Rosita’s presentation style.”

Endorsed by Nicky Trainor
Programme Manager
Service Delivery

I have found Rosita’s services invaluable. Rosita’s mentoring skills are exceptional and she seems to have the gift of reading any situation presented, summing it up, and speaking the right words into it. It is very evident that her advice comes from a sound background in HR and her own experiences in management.

Rosita acts as an excellent sounding board, and I have found her input into various situations that I face constructive and practical. I count it a privilege to have access to such a wonderful resource. I would recommend her services to anyone wanting to further themselves or their team and succeed in business.

Anne Matthews
Airports Manager
South Island (Qantas Airways Ltd)

We have had a valuable on going relationship with Guy Associates since 2000 when we first moved towards employing managers to run the day to day operations of our business. We feel that Rosita understands our business and our needs.

She has developed the following for us:

Role Descriptions (including key tasks and expected results)
Job Application forms
Advertising formats
Selection criteria
Useful Interview tips
We anticipate continuing our association with Rosita because of the success in the past from the advice and assistance received.

Gerald and Lynne Nolan
Owners of Kaikoura Top 10 Holiday Park Ltd


We have worked with Rosita Guy for the last 15+ years. With Rosita we developed our own “Smart Manager” programme that helped form the basis of our “Frontline Leadership Programme” that is used across Carter Holt Harvey today.

Rosita has acted as a personal development mentor for our frontline leaders and lead team. Rosita has also supported managers through difficult staff relationship issues.

If you want practical common sense, plain English support for People Management and Training I would strongly recommend Rosita. Be prepared for the feedback because it comes back “the way it is”.

Grant Boyce General Manager
(Carter Holt Harvey Packaging – Case South Island)

Comments from the participants of a Seminar held for staff at the University of Canterbury, 2006
The subject: Performance Management.

“I particularly liked Rosita Guy’s presentation and content; her participation made this seminar. It is hoped that the University will make use of her services again for future courses; very professional.”

“I was impressed with both presentations of Rosita Guy. Whilst most of it was common sense, she made it sound refreshingly new.”

“I particularly liked Rosita’s style; her sincerity and belief in her topic shines through.”

My expectation were more than met; Rosita’s style of presentation really suits my learning style! What a bonus!

“I would like to thank OD for organising the recent series of Management Series run by Rosita. As one who is a trained sceptic, has a passionate dislike for some ‘semi religious’ management training styles, and who believes Humans are not resources, it is quite an accomplishment to get me to come out of the end of such training with a positive attitude! I was won over by Rosita’s practical approach and ability to convey her accumulated wisdom.”

Endorsed by Ginny Ferguson
M.Ed., M.B.A., Dip.Tchg., A.T.E.M.F
Previously Organisational Manager at Canterbury University (2005),
Head of School of Business (2006),
CPIT (Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology)
now Senior Academic Lecturer, CPIT.

Comments from the participants of a Seminar held for staff at the University of Otago, 2006 The subject: Effective Management Skills for Secretaries & Support Staff

“A very valuable/worthwhile course.”
Thoroughly enjoyable.
“Brilliant communicative Tutor. Thanks.”
“Rosita (in my opinion) is exceptionally good at her job – comes across extremely well – informative, relevant, funny. Everything one wants when one attends an all day seminar, When’s the advanced session?!”
“I found Rosita’s style of delivery excellent, very ‘user friendly’ and gave me a lot of ‘food for thought’. Referring to my notes has given me more incentive to strive for high achievement.”
“Rosita was one very ‘switched on’ lady.”
“Rosita has a warm and friendly manner which helps make the seminar relaxed and flow well.”

Endorsed by Penny Love
Manager Professional Development and Equity
University of Otago

Comments from the participants of a Seminar held for staff at the University of Otago, 2006
The subject: Dealing with Difficult Relationships

“Really enjoyed Rosita – was all very positive.”
“You see in some situations, you are looking at a mirror.”
“Well presented & well paced.”
“Very relevant topics covered.”
“Strategies that start with looking at oneself -an important first step.”
“Getting a toolkit of techniques to use although more techniques would be even better.”
“Very well presented and good notes, so we didn?t have to sit and scribble while presenter talked!!”
“Good constructive course – very helpful.”
“Found Rosita very easy to listen to, very informative & shared a lot of knowledge.” “Interesting & well balanced.”
“Held my attention throughout.”
“Excellent seminar”

Endorsed by Penny Love
Manager Professional Development and Equity
University of Otago