Time Management and Self Organisation

If you are not working on your ideal day,
you will be working on someone else’s.

Managing oneself, one’s work priorities, team members and time itself allow us to achieve great results.

This seminar will illustrate simple methods to achieve more in your busy day both at work and at home.

Topics included in this training:

  • maintenance versus progress tasks
  • urgent versus important
  • handling interruptions
  • saying “no” by negotiation
  • managing the manager / HOD
  • coping with crises
  • avoiding procrastination
  • delegation
  • dealing with interruptions
  • minimising stress
  • dealing with emails

Beneficial to:

those people with critical deadlines, major projects, with many or a few staff reports, newly appointed managers with staff responsibilities, perfectionists.

Recommended Duration:

Half (½) day (four hours)